Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is uPaint Events?

uPaint Events is a unique experience where anyone can learn to paint and have fun at the same time! Our classes are usually 2.5 hours long and located at area restaurants and bars. Our artists/instructors are encouraging and enthusiastic as well as entertaining. All supplies are provided including a 16″ x 20″ canvas, easel, paints, brushes, palettes, and aprons. Students should plan to arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the start of class to select their seats and place any drink and/or appetizer orders with the restaurant’s wait staff. All classes include a 15 minute recess.

Q: What are classes like?

Classes are 2.5 hours long with 30 minutes after class dedicated to individual and group photos of students and their amazing artwork! Students arrive 15 – 20 minutes before class starts to sit down, put on their aprons, and browse the venue’s menu. Orders can be placed at any time during the class, but we recommend either before class or during the 15 minute recess. Our instructor welcomes students to the class and introduces herself before briefly explaining how to use the brushes and how to mix colors. Paintings are created in simple steps. The instructor demonstrates each step on her own canvas before checking to see if any student’s need help or have questions. While most students will paint the class’s featured artwork, students are welcome to paint anything they want! Half way through, there’s a 15 minute recess. After students return from the break, paintings are resumed and soon finished. After class ends, students pose for free group and individual photos with their fantastic artwork!

Q: How much does it cost?

Tickets are only 35$ per person, which includes the 2.5 hours of instruction and all supplies. Your food and beverage costs are determined by the restaurant’s menu prices. Please check out the links to the restaurant’s to see what you might like to order in advance.

Q: Where are the classes held?

Classes are at select local restaurants. Please click on our locations or the calendar for specific location information.

Q: I can’t even draw a stick-figure. Am I going to like these classes? The paintings look difficult!

Almost all of our students have little confidence in their abilities, and many have never painted in their lives. The instructor gives very simple and concise directions that puts students at ease. You’ll be amazed at what you can paint!

Q: What should I wear?

Our classes use acrylic paints, which can easily stain clothes. Please wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little paint on, should it escape your apron.

Q: Do you book private parties?


Private parties hosted at a private home, office, or event space require a minimum of 5 students.

Private parties usually require a minimum of 10 students if hosted in restaurants/local venues.

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