We have a few options available to help raise money for your cause and have a great event!

You pick the painting, time, date ,and place. Put out snacks and beverages for your guests and supply tables and chairs. We do the rest!

Options: (No money required to organize/schedule a fundraiser!)

  • We give you printed tickets to sell on your own. You charge any amount and simply pay our base cost of 20$ per ticket and keep the remaining balance.
  • You can have us sell tickets online for your event, public or private, and we pay you at the event.
  • Any combination of the above options. You can get some printed tickets and have some sold online, anything you prefer!
  • Buy discounted tickets for your private event, sell them to your donors for any amount. All proceeds go to your organization!

Private events for non profits & fundraisers are often held in homes, empty office space, or donated space.

If you don’t have space our partnered restaurants can host your event. We can accommodate up to 40 people.

If you’d like your event held at a specific business please contact the owner to discuss hosting it there.

Social Paint Parties