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“This was so much fun! You rock! Loved it”

“Lots of fun – picture came out even better than imagined.”

“Had fun.”

“Instructor was great! Very helpful and friendly. She made me feel comfortable and created a fun environment. Thank you for a great night.”

“This was so much fun. Nice to get together with friends.”

“Instructor was really nice & explained well =)”

“Great experience. 1st time, loved it!”

“Fun time painting, nice to try something different.”

“Great time!”

“Wet brush before black outlines (then dry) but helps outline easier.”

“Great time! Enjoyed painting =) Thank you”

“Great time lots of fun!”

“Miranda was AMAZING!!!”

“It was a fun experience. You are great!”

“Great time!”

“You are very fun and funny and the music was great.”

“Great class, lots of fun”

“Had fun!”

“Great time =) will do again =)”

“Had a great time, enjoyed the art, the instructor, and the atmosphere. Will definitely do this again!”

“Humor was great.”

“Awesome time, very entertaining!”

“Loved it! It was my first time painting.”

“Miranda was amazing, funny and she turned me into an artist…Who’d have thunk!”

“Can’t wait to return to Cork’s and do another friday night!”

“A wonderful experience, instructor is very entertaining and enthusiastic. Assistant did great! =)”

“Great class. Lots of ‘funny’. Yes, you can quote me. Great instruction =)”

“Great keeping it light, keep group involved with laughter.”

“Miranda was AMAZING!!!”

“Great time lots of fun!”

“It was a fun experience. You are great!”

“Had a great time. Great experience”

“So much fun! Thank you.”

“Saturday night classes would have been better.”

“Had a blast.”

“Great fun!”

“Great instructor”


“Great job. Really enjoyed your enthusiasm & energy.”

“Fun! =P”

“Don’t drink before lesson.”

“Great time!”

“Had a few – night out with friends. Can take off my Bucket list! =) “

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